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River Of Life Brooch

My inspiration of what look good on a CheongSum. Breathing life into 2 peonies craved out from the same mother rock in a similar identity with a different expression - a gesture of one allowing the other to move ahead In a lady first manner, followed by the man. The curve stem that is reflected in my many works signifying the flow of life. Mounted with round white diamonds, it glitters giving the effect of flowing water- the life giving element.

The rich green jadeite craved as leaf, along with fancy Color sapphires are placed in a freeform manner displaying bliss and carefree life beside the river of life. The brooch is at its best worn at 45 degree angle giving it a character with an impression of the water flow flowing upstream - a sign of progression in life. A one and only created on impulse that took 6 months to realise. Very please with its final outcome with the Color play and having include the Sparklers’ hallmark.


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