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Our Warm and Sincere Hospitality

​A piece of jewelry is a precious belonging and can be an heirloom for the next generation and for the future family bloodline, we always encourage our clients to make a personal visit to our showroom.

This is for them to get the privilege of learning and understanding the story behind the jewelry piece from the person as this is a big part of ownership. This is also our way of showing our care to our valued clients to have better understanding of each piece of Sparklers’ jewel.

About Sparklers'

Morganite Flame Ring

Our Value

At Sparklers’, meeting your request and exceeding your expectations is the secret as to why we are truly successful and able to continue design and create unique pieces for our clients.

We strongly believe that the measure of success is not how much we can momentarily earn from you, but how we made you wear your smile upon receiving the jewelry pieces we crafted and thus making the Sparklers’ story complete.


Our Expertise

Aside from the engagement ring and wedding band of Sparklers’ Jewelry, we also design and make earrings, bracelets, pendants, bangles, brooches and cufflinks. 

Pink and Green Tourmaline Ring
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