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About Charlie

Nothing but with a dream. To create a legacy that will live on and so will all dreams be realised.

I dream of the journey which I had not journeyed before.

And as the journey unfolds, I am inspired.

I found strength within each inspiration as it becomes a reality.

– Charlie, Charlie's Jewel

I derive much of my inspiration from life moments – the events and occasions, the surroundings, and inspiring moments with people and friends. 


These moments are captured and magically transformed into jewels that reflect the moment of time – a jewel that will represent the special moment in a person's lifetime as in a capsule – the jewel. A moment to be cherished, shared and passed on to the next generation.

Like the fern leaf design concept, a design when a time of my life was celebrated with the reflection of a fern that I once looked upon in a quiet and peaceful moment as my attention traveled along its wavy and slender stem, journeying gracefully upwards and absorbed my mind. The moment was captured in a jewel reflected in a fern, a simple leaf – where it can be easily identified without doubt by all who view it.


The moment occurred during the time of my life when my daughter was born. Whenever I work on a jewel of the fern concept, it would remind me of that happy moment. A daily reminder as each of my fern ring is created with the signature of the 7 leaves signifying the perfect number and a jewel to be worn everyday of the week with happiness. Thus, my inspirations and creation are built upon from emotion that gives life and purpose of existence to the created jewel.

Charlie's Jewel Singapore Mouse Bracelet Sketch
Charlie's Jewel Singapore Mouse Bracelet

Just as I create a jewel for a client whom I know and enjoy a healthy relationship with, a jewel that is a reflection of the client, may it be a time of the client's life, personality or character, or an occasion. Having a healthy relationship with the client is the most important part in creating a custom made piece of jewel. With a clear understanding of the client's personality, the likes and dislikes, this would ensure success and satisfaction for the client and myself. As creating custom made jewels from the very beginning, it’s a long and tedious journey as details are important and trust must exist between the client and myself. I do not custom made copyright work or work of another jeweller as this is no fun and nothing exciting.

In the course of my work, the satisfying moment is the moment of viewing a piece of design into a jewel just when it is completed as the wait is over. My work is only done when the jewel has found its owner and a good home.


Should it be a jewel or a gem on display that attracts a client, it is important for me that the client fully understands the piece of jewel or gem and not just the fact. It is not just the material and what it is made of or how it is being made. Understanding the very existence of the jewel creates a bonding and eventually a strong ownership.

Charlie's Jewel Singapore Mouse Earrings
Charlie's Jewel Singapore Orchid Brooch Sketch
Charlie's Jewel Singapore Purple Orchid Brooch

A client once asked if I could tell her daughter the very story behind the jewel that she is acquiring should she send her daughter to me one day. My reply was that it was best for the mother to tell her daughter as it gives meaning and adds emotion to the moment and the jewels – a conversation that bonds the relationship – the story of the jewel from a mother to her daughter.

A jewel is a reflection of a person's status and a reflection of one's character on how the jewel is being worn. A piece of jewel is to be worn at all time possible for it is this time of wearing companionship and the various occasions with its purpose that it becomes an heirloom.  In my view, it is the owner that makes the very jewel into a heirloom.  

It is not necessary that a heirloom has to be a spectacular jewel or measured by the size of the diamond or gemstone. I feel it is very important for the client to have an understanding of the very jewels that the client wants to own. It is with such that creates ownership, and with this knowledge that the very jewels are accompanied with that will travel through time and the client legacy lives on.

Just as a client once requested me to set a green stone and create a setting as beautiful as it can be using natural sizeable diamonds. Upon examining the stone, I wondered and shared my opinion, and my client whispered to me that it was not a natural stone and she loved the green in the stone. I wondered but eventually did a beautiful setting with much diamonds as it was another heirloom in the making. The green stone was a stone the client's then boyfriend's very first gift to the client, and so the love was treasured within the green stone.

My journey has been tough and difficult. It can’t be business if only one piece of jewel is created in each design which gives each jewel an identity even in the most simplest of design. It a journey that I started not knowing what is installed for me and along the way friendship was created as the dreams of my clients and friends are fulfilled and mine is realised bit by bit.

The friendship I made with my clients and friends from the very beginning – the very first year of the journey is still with me. Clients whom I know in the beginning who were singles, undergrads and young parents then are now parents and have family of their own and grandparents who have allowed me to be part of their lifetime key moments. This is my reward and achievement after 15 years. These 15 years have been made possible as I cherish most in my daily conduct are the value, principles and integrity. The value of each jewel created and what I asked for, the principle of trust and with the integrity of honesty.


As we learned from the past, lived the present to be inspired, we lived with the opportunity to create the future. 

It has always been my believe that each gem that being unearthed, each design that was illustrated, each jewel that was crafted is for a friend in waiting. A friend I have yet to meet and know. I look forward to the opportunity to meeting you one day along the way as my inspirational journey continues...

Charlie's Jewel Singapore Sketch
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