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About Sparklers' Jewel

"At Sparklers’ we believe that each jewel we create is more than just what it made of but something more precious where its value only the owner can ascertain.

Each jewel created is for someone whereby it is a reflection of the wearer and time."

Charlie's Jewel Singapore ring

Wearing jewelries is a popular custom worldwide. This tradition has begun since the prehistoric years and many cultures were adapting the trend in wearing pieces of jewelries signifying wealth, position in society and as well as status.

The trend of wearing jewelries is becoming more popular these days as people are more affluent and are wealthier. Because of this, demand for jewelries such as brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets have drastically increased over time.

With the ever changing demand of consumers, Sparklers’ continue to innovate on its design, ideas and move with the flow of time and changes. We pride ourselves in creating designs not easily available and each piece of Sparklers’ jewelry is painstakingly created individually one at a time. This makes each piece of jewel special and unique with the human imprint being captured in it. As such, at Sparklers’, each piece of jewels may need about as little as 2 months to 6 years in the creation process as on most occasions it may be the very first time we are working on the design or concept.

It adds a taste of adventure and excitement in the process of creating every piece of jewel as the inspiration emerges before our eyes.

This makes the whole journey of creating the piece of jewelry from conception to the final product a very satisfying one. At the same time, we are also mindful of the risk in each creation process and there would be ones that goes to the melting pot as we continue to strive to make available only our best creations.

At Sparklers’ we emphasize strongly on the importance of quality, integrity and value

  • Gemstones must be natural without treatment and at the most heated which is acceptable in the trade. As technology develops, treatment on gemstones is rampant in the market and is not easily detected even to the trained eye. Hence, Sparklers only acquire its gemstones from reputable sources based not on price but quality, rarity and its value. For assurance, we would have our gemstones tested by reputable laboratory.

  • Craftsmanship and material where each jewel is crafted using the best, from materials process for the first time to attain the desired result. We understand the important of a jewel to an owner not just the physical aspect but also the emotional aspect, as such we do not take in trade in or refurbish used jewels.

  • ​Design, each designed is inspired either from the gemstone or an inspiration of the moment. Each design has its value and when accompanied with quality gemstones and workmanship it is a perfect concoction of an heirloom – a one and only jewel conceptualised at that sparkling moment of time.

Sparklers’ has comes a long journey from its humble offering of just a few pieces of jewels to its present showroom at 3 Pickering Street with a wide collection of design available from the lustrous sparkle of diamond to the array of rainbow gemstones. We are proud of what we do and what we can offer to our clients, as such Sparklers’ jewels can be identified by the hallmark inscribed on each piece of jewelry. This adds significance to the piece of jewel besides being a one and only piece.

This is made possible as Sparklers’ market only its own collection of created design. We treasure every inspiration and every piece of our creation, thus, we only sell the piece finished jewelry while the design remains the copyright of Sparklers’. 

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