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Wearing Wedding Band on Right Hand

Why do people wear wedding bands on their right hands?

It has always been a tradition all over the world that the wedding rings, during wedding ceremonies and during the entire married life should be worn on the left hand ring finger of both spouses.

It has been traced back to the old belief that the left hand ring finger has a vein directly connected to the heart.

This tradition has also been made into a proclamation by King Edward VI of England during the 16th century, has been lived and practiced for a very long time. But due to the modernization of times, the left hand practice has been changed.

Currently, a lot of wedded people are practising the wearing of the wedding ring on the right hand right finger. For what reason? Well, there would be quite a lot.

One of the reasons why wedded people wear their wedding ring on their right hand ring finger is due to culture. It has been known that in the European continent, a lot of countries practise this kind of tradition.

Aside from that, a lot of countries under Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, or Roman Catholicism such as Poland, Colombia, India, and Greece have been practicing the putting of the wedding ring on the right hand ring finger, different from the usual tradition and practice the church has mandated.

Significance of Willingness to Date

Another reason for the wearing of the wedding ring on the right hand ring finger is the person’s significance of the willingness to date.

This is applicable to two categories of married people: the widows or widowers and the infidels. For the widows or widowers, since their spouses have passed away, they place the ring on their right hand because they still do not want to give in to the fact that they have lost their other half and they have not yet moved on from their death.

They cannot just remove the ring yet, thus placing it to the right hand instead.

For those infidels, likewise for the widows too, putting the ring on the right finger would also signify that the person is opened for dating the opposite sex. That is, the person wants to begin dating again or begins to look for love.

There are some physical reasons as to why the wedding ring is also placed on the right hand. One is that the person is left-handed because it is hard for the person to write or do things with the ring on the left hand.

Thus, it is a valid excuse that the ring be worn on the right hand. Another physical reason would be the physical condition of the left hand of a person who might be suffering from tendonitis, therefore affecting the shape of his or her left hand tendon. This would be a good excuse to put the ring on the right.

Some of the wedding rings have sentimental values. They might be a family heirloom, thus, putting it on the right hand is very significant and important for wedded couples.

The last reason for the wearing the wedding ring on the right hand is the significance of gay and lesbian marriages. Marriages of these kinds of genders have been very rampant in the world now and in their vow, the ring is placed on the right hand, thus signifying their sexuality.

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