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Wedding Ring

"Take this as a sign of my love and fidelity."

People would often hear that line from wedding ceremonies when the bride and the groom would exchange their vows with the use of symbolic materials.

From the statement itself, the ring would symbolize something very essential to a relationship, thus making it significant. Love and fidelity, elements essential to every relationship, is being signified by the wedding ring during marriage. The phrase, too, is the very relevant answer to the question as to why a ring is important in wedding ceremonies.

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But aside from love and fidelity as being said in the wedding rites when the bride and the groom puts the ring to either, there are more reasons as to why a wedding ring is significant and these, one by one, would be discussed further.

When one looks at the wedding ring, the first thing that would be noticed physically would be its shape. The wedding ring is being shaped into a perfect circle. Circles do not have any sides, thus making it very symbolic, a sign of being together forever, being in a never- ending relationship, and being loving with each other infinitely.

When a groom wears the wedding ring to his wife, and the wife has the ring in her finger, the ring now signifies the love and the commitment promised by the giver of the ring to the bearer of the ring. It is the commitment of the other half that signifies the ring being worn by the other, constantly reminding the latter that he or she is loved and promised of forever. It becomes a constant reminder to the others that he or she is bound to a commitment or a relationship with the one who gave the ring.

Whenever the bearer of the ring sees the ring in his or her hand, he or she is reminded of the promise made to him or her and likewise, she is reminded of the promise he or she gave to the other. Another thing, whenever the ring is being glanced at or seen, it means re-dedication or re-commitment to the other. The re-dedication may not happen formally but by heart, the other half shows and gives his other commitment to the other in all ways possible, reminded by the ring seen or being glanced at the bearer’s finger.

Another version of the vow involving the wedding ring would go like this:

"I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage. With my body I honor you, all that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you, within the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

With the aforementioned statement during the wedding ceremony, the ring would likewise symbolize the giving of the entire self to the significant other, entrusting everything to the latter and giving all—as in everything as husband or wife. This is being signified by the ring, thus, a constant reminder that the couple must be giving to one another at all times.

Rings may be seen as a mere object alone but it really means a lot during wedding ceremonies. Sparklers would really give the symbolic effect that a couple wants in their wedding through the rings they provide for couples, giving the wedding more meaning and significance to the relationship through the wedding ring.

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