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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Did you know that in ancient times, Romans believed that the fourth finger of our left hand has a vein that is directly connected to our hearts? This is the reason behind the tradition of couples wearing their engagement rings on the ring finger.

But engagement rings are not just merely regarded as a romantic symbol of union; it also signifies an intimate connection between two souls who are meant to be forever. Hence, picking the right engagement ring or band is definitely important for every couple. Remember, as much as the love between a perfect match is meant to last a lifetime, wedding rings are meant to stand by this everlasting love too.

So how do you choose the engagement ring for you and your loved one? If you’re a guy who’s planning to pop out the big question for your bride-to-be or you’re a couple who're going to take another chapter in your relationship, it’s best to know a little background first on how to choose the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the best ring is basically a matter of taste, preference and lifestyle. Check out Sparklers’ short guide below in choosing the right ring and get the perfect ring now.

1. Know the ring size

Although this is already a no-brainer tip and this may seem easy for couples who are picking them together but for those men who plan to surprise their bride-to-be, it’s very crucial for you to know your fiancée’s actual ring size. You wouldn’t want to purchase a ring that will never fit perfectly. Try secretly taking one of her other rings as a basis.

2. Know what she wants

Picking the right ring also depends on your fiancée’s personality. It’s best to choose a wedding ring that totally reflects who she is. If she likes to keep it simple or if she’s into intricate designs then let that serve as a basis for the right ring.

3. Ask for help

You might seek for advice from her close friends or relatives on picking the perfect ring for her. Ask for their advice but don’t forget to trust your instinct. Remember a ring is a symbol of love between two people; hence, you have to get the ring that also has a special touch of you.

4. Choose a reliable jeweller

It’s best to make your dreams come true through working with a reliable jeweller that can help you customize your wedding experience into an exceptionally amazing and memorable one. Engagement rings should be as special and unique as your everlasting and enduring love for each other so make sure that your jeweller could fulfil your wedding dreams.

Remember, it takes work to make magic. Here at Sparklers’, we take special care and attention towards each step for you to take on creating a spectacular and unique engagement ring that will symbolize your great love for each other. Share with us your aspirations now and together we’ll make those romantic reams turn into reality and the most unforgettable moment for you and your sweetheart.

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