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Phoenix Brooch

It all started when I saw a parcel of silvery white baroque pearls. Within the parcel, one particular pearl stood out. It’s a perfect match for the body of the bird I’ve always imagined. Thus, I began my journey of creating my first bird jewellery. Firstly, I sketched a drawing of the bird. Then, I envisioned different gemstones for the eyes, beak and neck, before deciding on the colours for its feathers.

After working tirelessly for one year, with numerous adjustments and amendments, the baroque pearl was finally transformed to a soaring phoenix – with its fiery, shimmering wings and its tail billowing in the wind. Each section is meticulously hand-crafted: its eye made of a rare Kornerupine cat's eye; its beak specially crafted out from a Chrysoprase rough. The phoenix is born.

The phoenix brooch makes a perfect heirloom piece to be handed on from one generation to the next. It is a celebration of life's every milestone.

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