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Bamboo with Ladybird Brooch

Bamboo has always been an inspiration to me. With its continuous segments one after another, it signifies strength, perseverance and unity. Through the decades, I have conceived multiple creations of bamboo in the forms of rings, pendants, bangles and bracelets – each a spectacular piece. For a bamboo brooch, this second creation is entirely different from the first.

This second bamboo brooch started off with a batch of marquise-shaped green garnets that resemble the bamboo leaves. Illustrating and putting the materials together was fairly easy, but the journey was indeed memorable. The segments of the bamboo are joined with round white diamonds – signifying strength and unity. Green garnet is used for its leaves. The brooch is completed with a family of 3 ladybirds – one red, one orange and the third a mixture. This ‘offspring’ is derived from a mixture of red and orange enamel. A special piece of jewellery to mark a special occasion, was created.

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