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Firework Collection

For the coming festive season, Sparklers’ is celebrating the season with the wonderful gift from nature – colors. A celebration of colors showcasing Charlie’s “Firework” collection, a display of the wide spectrum of colors of the rainbow captured in each piece of jewel.

For a sneak preview, a picture of 9 gemstones which is part of the colors of gemstones in the “Firework” collection. Each gemstone used is individually selected, cut and polished, revealing the vibrant color and the luster within each gem which nature provided – each gem is a winner.

Each gemstone’s vibrant color is unique, making it almost impossible to duplicate any of the Sparklers’ “Firework” collection. As always, it is a limited collection and only one piece per design is crafted and we are unable to take repeat orders due to the meticulous work involved in each design. The collection will be showcased from November 2013 onwards.

For the very first time, besides having the Sparklers’ trademark inscribed on each jewel, the collection will have an additional “Firework” inscription, making each piece of jewel special thus capturing the festive moments of 2013.

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